Why Adventures in Norfolk...?


Very good question - why go out in Norfolk - 'it's so far away' or 'what's there to do - particularly on the Norfolk Broads?

These are just some of the things we hear on a regular basis from not only folk out of the county, but also -surprisingly from folk who live here too - however we're here to change all of those thoughts and to open folks eyes in how to experience this stunning area in a new and fresh way!

My name is Martin Rendle and I'm passionate about the outdoors and all that can be found within it, and in particular the Norfolk Broads and our stunning coastlines.  NOA was started through a love and adoration of the beautiful county of Norfolk that I seem to have bounced my way into - and thankfully never looked back since - great bounce..!

Having lived in the Norfolk Broads area for some time now, I have always embraced and utilised the beautiful natural landscapes for both work and play - be it Kayaking or SUP Boarding on it's 125 plus miles of unique inland waterways, or Trail Running around it's 100's of miles of coastline - and not forgetting the miles upon miles of endless opportunities for both for MTB and Road cycling that the county offers.

What I did discover was that the offer of activities in the area seems to be lacking in adventure, or guided adventure - not to mention the added mental & physical benefits that can be gained from really emerging yourself in the outdoors - or missing all the cool stuff due to not knowing where to look - and of course missing out on the abundance of nature and history this region has to offer.

Photography courtesy of Mark Hewlett Photography

Photography courtesy of Mark Hewlett Photography

This is where NOA can come to the rescue and offer you a far more enhanced experience - and help you make the most of your precious time, and help you quite simply do and experience more of this quite amazing county!

With qualified guides and instructors across SUP, Kayak, MTB and Road Cycling, Trail Running and Nordic Pole Running - we are here to help you optimise your experience of Norfolk and leave you begging to come back for more!

In addition to our scheduled activities (see 'Our Adventures') - we're always happy to answer any questions you might have regarding what we're able to offer, or why not get in touch for a chat if there's anything you'd like to do or take part in which is - let's say - a little 'off menu..!'

We're looking forward to seeing you out in the outdoors soon!