Super SUP 'Zero to Hero' Day

Super SUP 'Zero to Hero' Day


This is a mega day for you to not only learn to SUP, but to also take your SUP to the next level technically and then to a full on tour - all in the same day!

The day is broken down in to a L1 Beginners session, then a L2 Technical session and then on to a extended Tour where you can utilise all of your newly learnt paddle skills and obtain your SUPwise certificate.

The best way to learn to SUP is to spend time on the water, with the right people and to put everything into practice - and this is the perfect day to do it..!

From 'Zero to Hero' is the aim of the day!

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SUP ‘Zero-to-Hero’ Day!

A Perfect Introduction for Learning SUP and Advancing your Skills...


Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the fastest growing water activity in the world and this session is perfect if this is to be your first experience of SUP - or if you’re looking to advance up to the next level of your paddling journey!

Our ‘Zero-to-Hero’ Day is perfect for people who want to spent time on the water and really getting to grips with learning the art of SUP.


This is your first step in learning how to SUP.    It applies to inland waterways with calm flat waters.   Learn how to identify safe conditions, locations, self rescue techniques, equipment, paddle technique and more.


Stand up paddle with correct technique, confidence and safety in enclosed flat water locations.

Locations and Conditions 

  • Inland waterways and bodies of water including creeks, rivers, lakes, lagoons, estuaries, canals 

  • No wider than 1 km (0.6 miles)

  • With no swell or breaking waves 

  • Wind speed less than 12 knots

  • Water depth no less than 1 metre (1 metre (3ft)) 

  • Free from hazards

  • No more than 250 metres (820ft) from shore

  • At least 200 metres (660ft) from a river mouth


Swim 50 metres (164 ft), without stopping

Equipment Included

Flat water stand up paddle board
Coiled leash

Topics/ Outcomes 

Environment & Safety

  • Understand the enclosed flat water environment

  • Identify SUP personal hazards

  • Identify SUP location hazards

  • Choose a safe SUP location

  • Identify self rescue techniques and when to apply them

  • Apply correct SUP flat water etiquette

  • Identify how to care for the enclosed flat water SUP environment

Equipment & Clothing

  • Choose suitable clothing for differing conditions and differences between boards, leashes and other relevant equipment

Paddle Skills

  • Enter and exit the water correctly

  • Paddle in standing and kneeling position with balance and confidence

  • Identify correct paddling technique – 3 P’s - Position, Posture, Paddle

  • Identify the 5 phases of the paddling stroke

  • Demonstrate correct method to change direction

  • Demonstrate turning - back paddling left and right

  • Demonstrate how to stop, safe wipe-out and dismount

  • Understand how to perform a pivot turn

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All Tuition & Qualified Instructor/Guide (Academy of Surfing Instructors - ASI)

Boards, Paddles & Leash

Safety Equipment

Certificate on Completion


If you have any questions or queries, then please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll only be too pleased to help you get the best out of your experience.




Are there ID or minimum age requirements?

We opperate a minimum age of 8 years old for our Beginner sessions and 14 years old for our Trips & Safaris - this is due to the fact that we know that most 'young guns' wouldn't be able to hold the strength needed to cover the distance of a trip or safari.  We do run septerate sessions for under 14's - please enquire if this is what you're in need of and we can arrange something seperatly for you.


Do I need to be able to swim?

Yes - although Paddleboarding is a 'dry sport' once learnt - there's always the opssibility that you may loose you balance due to a numebr of factors.  Therefore we ask that you can confidently swim a minimum of 50m unadied.  

Although you are tethered to your SUP throughout all time on the water with this acting as a very good bouyancy aid, we can offer you a seperate bouyancy aid should you feel you require one - please ask for this on the day of your activity.


What should I wear?

If you have a wetsuit and that is what you prefer, then please bring it along – however as this is predominantly a 'dry sport’ - we tend to wear clothes that are quick drying (shorts, t-shirt/long sleeve t-shirt etc).

It’s advisable however to bring a change of clothes, just in case you get a little ‘carried away’ and do end up getting a little wet - also to bring some light layers – it can get a little chilly on the water, especially if there is a breeze or your session is later in teh day.  You might want to bring some old trainers to paddle in – or barefoot is also fine although mainly through the summer months.


Are there any further forms to fill in?

Yes, before the start of any activity you will be required to complete and sign a 'Client Detail' form.


Cancellation due to inclement weather:

All lessons, trips, experiences are subject to weather conditions and availability of instructors/guides and maybe be cancelled or postponed at short notice. Should this be the case then you will be notified as soon as possible and sent a gift voucher or unique code which will enable you to re-book for any of our sessions in the future and will be valid for 1 year from date of the cancelled session.

Participant Cancelation:

Participant cancellations within 7 days of the date of the booked event are subject to 25% cancellation fee.  No refunds will be given for cancellations received within 24hrs of the date of the event. 


Are there minimum booking requirements for a trip to run?

Yes, as you can understand it takes quite alot of organisation and planning to run our trips successfully, therefore we will only run our trips if we have recieved the minimum booking numbers to make the trip work on the day. In the case of this trip the minimum bookings required will be 4 people booked on in advance of the trip date. Should the trip look like it will not take place due to insufficient bookings, then the trip will be postponed and you will be sent an ‘Experience Gift Voucher’ for you to use on a future dates and will be valid for 1 year from original booking.

Notifications of postponements/cancelations will be emailed to all pre-booked parties by 5pm the night before.


How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please read the above T's & C's to see if any of these answer your questions.  If not, then please email: and we will reply to you at our easiest convenience, this of course also applies to any complaints or refund queries.

See or Complaints Reporting Policy HERE